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Business Representation

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A business representative provides legal services for a business when it comes to operations and regulations. Typically, they assist with issues like business formation, business dispute resolution, corporate laws, and the sales/transfers of businesses. They also usually have a hand in other matters like corporate compliance, securities, and other more.

Typically, the types of cases business attorneys handle include:

  • Business Disputes;
  • Conflicts with sale and purchase of stocks or other securities;
  • Business property ownership issues;
  • Ensuring compliance with business regulation and other laws;
  • Preventing the improper use of protected business information, like copyrighted and trademarked materials;
  • Interstate and international legality issues, like the transportation of goods;

A good business attorney will have experience representing many different types of clients, including business owners, insurance agencies, employees, and many other parties.

In addition to litigating business disputes, a business attorney will assist with various tasks, such as:

  • Assisting with negotiation, drafting, and reviewing of business contracts;
  • Assisting with business start-up processes and incorporation filings;
  • Addressing business termination or issues that may arise during transfer;
  • Helping a company to shift or completely change their organizational structure;

Thus, business attorneys can be consulted for a wide variety of different legal issues. In some lawsuits, a business lawyer can play the role of an expert witness (for instance, if the court needs additional information in regards to a particular business practice).

Every business should have a lawyer on call. From a routine contract review to structuring and directing a complex transaction, we offer tax-centered business strategies to help your business run efficiently. 

Additionally, we assist directors and officers of closely held companies navigate corporate governance and understand their fiduciary responsibilities.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves in developing relationships that stretch across generations—from the planning stages of a business to transitioning it to future generations, we want to help you achieve the goals for your business.

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We have always prioritized our clients above all else. This approach has allowed us to develop strong client relationships spanning more than 30 years. To us, you’ll always be more than just a number, and we’ll give our all to solve your legal needs. 

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We have represented creditors, committees, and debtors on bankruptcy issues throughout the country and are familiar with the unique processes and procedures of Bankruptcy Court.

Estate and Asset Protection

The largest threats to any business or family wealth are taxes, lawsuits, and divorces. We can minimize the effects of any of these through appropriate planning.

Tax Planning

The best defense for an audit or assessment begins at the planning stages, as we help you navigate the complexities of federal and state taxation and minimize tax exposure.

Trust Administration

Personnel at the Law Office of Kent P. Woods provide trustee services for dozens of trusts, ranging from simple to complex. We also provide counsel to trustees who need assistance and legal opinions as to issues affecting their trusts.

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