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The business life cycle has many different phases. An attorney who can help you navigate the scope of your business and assess its needs is essential to running a successful company.

With over 15 years of experience practicing law, the Law Office of Kent P. Woods has made it our mission to focus on longevity and compassion with our clients. Keeping dedicated practice as our focal point has allowed us to offer top-tier service to our Henderson County, NV, clients and beyond.

Often, small business owners wait until they face some type of hardship before contacting an attorney. The truth is, you need an attorney from the time you are contemplating starting a business to the time you decide to close up shop. From business structuring to bankruptcy and almost everything in between, the Law Office of Kent P. Woods will be your legal support system for all your business needs.


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Why Do I Need A Business Attorney?

Business Lawyer Henderson County, NV

Anything worth building is worth protecting. From starting your business to when you feel it is time to sell or close, our firm can assist you every phase of the way. Typically, the administrative side of running a business, from the legal standpoint, will involve several things. The Law Office of Kent P. Woods handles many different facets of preparing and protecting your business.

Some needs we can fulfill as your business representative are:

  • Formation
  • Business dispute resolution
  • Corporate laws
  • Sales/transfers of businesses
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Securities

Many Henderson County, NV, small businesses don’t take into account the amount of time and effort that goes into making sure a company is ready to open its doors or take its first order.

Many times, business owners call up an attorney when something goes wrong. For instance, someone threatens to sue, or a disgruntled employee makes false accusations. These examples are why having a lawyer right from the beginning is essential.

Not only can an attorney help you prepare your business, but they can also help you protect your business. Having a business representative allows you the space to consider different legal matters and business needs, which enables you to focus solely on your business.

Do I Need Multiple Business Attorneys?

Typically, having one law firm and one attorney is the best way to go. There are many different factors to consider when opening a business, from what products and services you will sell to what your name and logo will be.

Making sure you operate well within the legal boundaries of whatever industry you choose while maintaining your business privacy are top priorities for the Law Office of Kent P. Woods. We pride ourselves on offering tailored service to our clients.


Call for a free consultation | (702) 703-1540

Business Lawyer Henderson County, NV

While there may be times when you need an attorney who specializes in something, generally, having one lawyer who knows your business inside and out is the best. From the initial meeting, where you share all of your hopes and dreams for your business, your attorney is able to come up with a game plan for longevity.

Some questions we can help you with are:

  • What is the business structure that protects me best?
  • Where do I incorporate my business?
  • What are the implications of being a private company versus a publicly traded company?
  • How long will it take me to incorporate? What are the steps?

Our firm can help with many other questions you have regarding your new business venture. A consultation with us is private, confidential and risk-free.

Law Office Of Kent P. Woods: Helping Henderson County, NV Clients Build Their Legacies

From beginning to end, we give you a curated service that meets your needs.

Are you ready to start your own business in the Henderson County, NV, area and would like the help of an experienced business attorney? Let the Law Office of Kent P. Woods guide you on your new journey.

We understand how exciting it can be to start a new endeavor. Launching a small business is no easy task and requires the diligence and dedication of a professional and knowledgeable business representative. Call the Law Office of Kent P. Woods at (702) 703-1540 today for a no-risk consultation!


Call for a free consultation | (702) 703-1540

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