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Bankruptcy Can Be Tough

Bankruptcy Can Be Tough

Bankruptcy is an important and potentially advantageous legal process that allows people and businesses in financial distress the ability to arrange payment for a portion of the debts, or to eliminate all of them, under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court.

With the multiple types of bankruptcy filings available, navigating the bankruptcy system often leads to stress and confusion. A good bankruptcy attorney will be able to take the guesswork out of filing the myriad of bankruptcy documents, help to make sense of the processes, and ensure that the process is completed within a timely manner.

A good bankruptcy attorney has extensive knowledge about the various types of bankruptcy, experience filing the required documents with the court, and professionally handling issues with creditors. While the largest part of the bankruptcy process involves the completion of paperwork, delivering notification to the appropriate parties, and other administrative tasks, it may also (and often does) involve litigation, when creditors decide to challenge the bankruptcy filing.

Bankruptcy attorneys typically handle a debtor’s case from start to finish. Their representation usually begins with a meeting in which the debtor will discuss their needs as well as which type of bankruptcy needs to be filed for. The attorney then works to determine which forms are needed, fills them out, and ensures they get filed with the court. A good attorney will provide guidance and advice throughout the entirety of the bankruptcy process as well as dealing with any creditor issues.

Debtors should be able to count on their attorney to provide professional and expert legal advice regarding every aspect of their particular bankruptcy case, including:

  • Which type of bankruptcy is appropriate for their circumstances;
  • In what ways bankruptcy will help to achieve financial objectives;
  • The potential for any risks or issues with their specific circumstance that could lead to problems;

In addition to all this, a good bankruptcy attorney will let their client know what could be done to make the entire process go more smoothly as well as providing periodic updates throughout the bankruptcy process.

Dealing with a bankruptcy filing is never pleasant.  However, often it is a necessary tool to negotiate a resolution to a business dispute. We consider ourselves a “cradle to the grave” law firm for closely held businesses. 

Occasionally, this means seeking protection from creditors and restructuring pursuant to federal bankruptcy laws or assisting a client when one of their business partners or vendors has filed bankruptcy. 

We have represented creditors, committees, and debtors on bankruptcy issues throughout the country and are familiar with the unique processes and procedures of Bankruptcy Court.

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