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Filing for bankruptcy comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but the most challenging part is starting the process. You may not be ready to call the situation for what it is, and that's ok. While you have to come to terms with the reality of filing bankruptcy to save your finances, sometimes it is the best option. Choosing a firm you trust is crucial in seeing this complex process through to the best solution.

Our team at the Law Office Of Kent P. Woods has years of experience in bankruptcy and estate planning, among other areas. The vision of our firm came to fruition under the guidance and devotion of Glen Woods, one of the most prominent tax and estate planning attorneys in Washoe County, NV. The legacy of dedication to his clients remained a marker of Attorney Woods until his passing in 2018. This continues to this day under his son, Kent P. Woods, who practices in Washoe County and Las Vegas, NV.

The Law Office of Kent P. Woods has the knowledge, patience, and experience to guide you through the arduous bankruptcy process. It can be a daunting task to demystify the stigma surrounding bankruptcy while remaining open to understanding the process itself. Our bankruptcy law firm has built a reputation for compassionately handling client cases. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, call our office at (702) 703-1540.


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Is Bankruptcy My Only Option For Financial Distress?

Bankruptcy Law Attorney, Washoe County, NV

There are many different types of bankruptcy. The first step is assessing if you are a candidate to file for bankruptcy at all. Setting up a free consultation with our firm can bring you peace of mind, at least in understanding some basic facts.

With that in mind, there are some key factors that may signify that bankruptcy could be a potential option for you right away. Two common types of clients seeking bankruptcy consultations often fall into two categories:

  • Those with business debts facing litigation from creditors
  • Individuals have gone through extreme circumstances in which they have a mix of straightforward debt (credit card, medical, etc.)

Knowing your financial situation is crucial in determining if bankruptcy would be an avenue you want to take. Our Washoe County, NV bankruptcy law firm is well established in assessing the risks that go along with such a definitive option.

Do I Have Any Other Options In Handling Debt Besides Filing For Bankruptcy?

Due to the seriousness of filing for bankruptcy and its long-term effects on your finances, it would be a good idea to consider options outside of liquidating all of your assets.

Many clients are concerned with bankruptcy's impact on their future buying power, status, and economic advancement. This is with good reason.

Although the ideal outcome of bankruptcy is a discharge of debts in which you would no longer be responsible for paying the creditors and outstanding debts, and you would not have to pay taxes on that debt, there can be drawbacks. Filing for bankruptcy does not guarantee that you will be granted bankruptcy. In that case, debts you filed to have discharged may not be, and creditors can resume litigation attempts against you to collect outstanding money owed.

Bankruptcy involves more than just discharging debts. It also includes a plan to repay non-dischargeable debts. Getting ahead of debt repayments before filing bankruptcy is a good strategy for those who are considering filing anyway.


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Bankruptcy Law Attorney, Washoe County, NV

However, negotiating with creditors is always a promising avenue to at least attempt. This could mean setting up repayment plans, requesting to pause payments, etc.

A voluntary proceeding outside of a formal bankruptcy would be an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. This action sets debtors' assets aside in a trust to pay creditors. While available in Washoe County, NV, these proceedings are jurisdictional, meaning they may not be available everywhere, but they are worth looking into.

The Law Office of Kent P. Woods has experience in bankruptcy case analysis and is adept at helping you choose the best option. Schedule a consultation with us today to start planning your strategy.

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We understand that bankruptcy is a touchy subject and a tough choice. Our commitment to standing by your side has been garnered through years of experience. Through building long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients, we've been able to gain even more knowledge and build even more diligence as each year passes.

At the Law Office of Kent P. Woods, we are devoted to securing the best possible outcome for your bankruptcy case, should you choose that path. Give us a call to set up a free consultation by calling our office at (702) 703-1540.


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