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Estate And Asset Protection Lawyer, Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Do you need help strategizing your long-term financial goals? Call the Law Office of Kent P. Woods!

Uncertainty tends to be the driving force behind meticulous planning. Although you can have plan after plan and never cover everything, there’s a good chance that even minor snags won’t mess up your end game with the right plan.

For years, the Law Office of Kent P. Woods has been assisting clients in Downtown Las Vegas, NV, with strategizing their long-term goals. With over 30 years of experience shared amongst our team, we have a knack for executing big plans, one small step at a time. From estate planning and trust administration to tax planning and business administration, our firm can help you choose the right course of action for your goals.

Our experience has given way to a finely crafted hands-on approach we utilize with every client for every situation. Your unique situation and goals will vary from someone else’s—greatly or slightly. Regardless of the scale of your needs, the Law Office of Kent P. Woods can assist you in evaluating and implementing the right plan for your business and personal goals.


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Estate And Asset Protection

Estate And Asset Protection Lawyer, Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Typically, when people think of an estate or asset, they jump to extremely high-income conclusions. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, it certainly isn’t entirely correct.

Many people earning a five—or six-figure salary have estates and assets worth protecting and planning for. Your estate would include all of the money and property you own, including businesses, while your assets are seen as things that can help you earn money or settle debts.

The types of protections needed for your estate and assets will vary depending on what is included in your portfolio. Often, individuals are discouraged from seeking help to set up these kinds of estate plans. They think their estate isn’t large enough or their assets aren’t valuable enough. However, great estate and asset protection planning is the key to creating and passing down generational wealth.

Should I Save Money Before Setting Up An Estate And Asset Protection Plan?

Of course, having cash as part of your assets helps, especially if that cash is earning some type of interest. These accounts are counted as part of your portfolio. When it comes to estate planning, those accounts are included and may have a different set of rules that need to be followed, depending on what type of account, who has access to it, and the purpose it serves.


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Estate And Asset Protection Lawyer, Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Kent P. Woods has served as an asset protection estate attorney for many years. Downtown Las Vegas, NV, is home to many cash businesses, so many business owners have access to and want to protect large accounts. One of our firm’s core strengths is strategizing plans for protecting different aspects of your estate without compromising its value.

Downtown Las Vegas, NV, can also be seen as an international hub of businesses. With Harry Reid International Airport serving a staggering 52.8 million passengers in 2023, it’s easy to see the growth potential of nearly every industry. With this growth comes the need to plan so that you and your family’s future can be secured. Getting in touch with an estate planning and protection lawyer is the only way to ensure your hard work now pays off later.

The Law Office Of Kent P. Woods: Diligently Serving Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Law Office of Kent P. Woods - Asset Protection Estate Attorney

Are you ready to get started with an experienced estate planning and asset protection lawyer in Downtown Las Vegas, NV? The Law Office of Kent P. Woods is taking consultations now.

The pursuit of your dreams can sometimes be a tricky road. With the right legal team, however, you’ll hardly ever trip. With over 30 years of combined experience, our firm has mastered the dynamic skill of scaling solutions.

Many estate and asset protection law firms count their clients as numbers. At the Law Office of Kent P. Woods, all our clients count. Take the next step in securing the life you’ve built by calling our office at (702) 703-1540. Consultations are risk-free and confidential.


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