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Many different phases in life require meticulous attention. Any time your wealth grows, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect it. Estate planning and asset protection often go hand in hand. If this is your first time, it can be an overwhelming process, so choosing the right estate and asset protection law firm is essential.

The Law Office of Kent P. Woods covers a comprehensive suite of practice areas. Having continued in his late father, Glenn Woods’, footsteps as a lawyer, Attorney Woods has built this practice on the same founding principles his father did. With integrity, respect, compassion, and diligence, the Law Office of Kent P. Woods prides itself on assisting our Clark County, NV, residents with their needs.

As with any new venture, getting started is the hardest part. However, beginning this process will be easy with a team that is committed to understanding your needs and goals.

Estate Planning And Asset Protection

When creating an estate plan, you’ll want to seek the guidance of an established estate and asset protection law firm. This will ensure that all of your documents are done correctly. It would help if you had an estate planning and asset protection lawyer create your paperwork from the beginning. This way, you and your attorney build trust, and they learn more about your goals.

Countless individuals use estate planning to ensure that the wealth they have built is passed down. It is also a tool for navigating a loved one's businesses and finances after they have passed away. Assets are included in your estate and are generally high-value items and resources.


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Do I Have To Have Real Estate To Have An Estate Plan?

Asset Protection Attorney, Clark County, NV

Sometimes, people are thrown off guard by the idea of estate planning. Many individuals believe you must have a sprawling estate of many, many acres to establish an estate plan. This thinking is wrong, however.

Although any real estate you own solely in your name can be part of your estate plan, it doesn’t have to be. Many individuals never own real estate and still would like a plan to be in place for other things.

Obtaining real estate is often a life-long dream for many people. To go even a step further, one could not only acquire real estate but also leave it to someone else.

This helps to create generational wealth within families. The Law Office of Kent P. Woods has the experience and commitment necessary to ensure that our clients in Clark County, NV, have the resources they need to secure their desired future.

As A Business Owner, Will I Need Different Estate And Asset Protection Plans?

Generally, your business is part of estate planning. Business trusts would cover your business, and family trusts would cover your family members. Although the personal items you’d like to pass down to relatives would be part of your family trusts, a business trust would enable you to set up some type of succession plan for your business.

Your entire estate plan can have several different parts. Your asset protection estate attorney's job is to ensure you are covering all of your interests. Our firm offers full guidance for your estate planning and asset protection needs.


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Are Business Assets Covered Under Family Trusts?

Asset Protection Attorney, Clark County, NV

Some assets would help your family pay off debts after you’ve passed away, and some belong to your business entity. It is important to have the proper documents to ensure that your business assets are protected and stay with the business after you are gone.

Business assets serve the same purpose that personal assets do: they can help settle debts. Keeping your business assets separate from your personal assets can help you fulfill other needs. For example, if your family runs into financial difficulties after you’ve passed, the business you’ve left them also has assets. These assets can be used to settle the debts of the business without having to sell the entire company.

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Planning and implementing an estate and asset protection plan is challenging. The process is very detailed to ensure you have considered various factors. As an estate and asset protection law firm, the Law Office of Kent P. Woods is well-suited to assist you.

You’ve spent a while building up your life. Now is the time to protect it by contacting our firm. We want to assist you and your family in preparing for the future.

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